5 Things to Do Immediately After an Auto & Car Accident

Getting into a car accident can be one of the most disruptive events in your life. You never expect it but when another negligent driver hits their car against yours, life changes.

At impact and in fractions of a second your body undergoes immediate stress and suffers injury. Your car also gets “injured” suffering property damage to the inside and outside of the car.

Since most people are not involved in auto accidents, they do not know where to begin. Of course, as personal injury car accident attorneys we will want you to contact us to help you navigate the personal injury case maze.

However, we have compiled a list of #5 very important tasks that should be immediately considered and acted upon if you are in a car accident:

#1: Immediately Seek Medical Attention

Your health is Number #1! Depending on the severity of your injuries, you should visit a medical provider on the same day of your accident. Serious bodily injury warrants an immediate visit to the emergency room. When you arrive to the ER, show your auto and health insurance card. If you don’t have either, don’t worry.

In Florida, an emergency room cannot deny treatment because you do not have insurance. If your injury is not as serious, but you are feeling neck, back and head pain, go to an urgent care/walk-in clinic, your Primary Physician or Chiropractor[1].

#2: Take Pictures and Videos of The Car Accident Scene

This advice seems obvious but to many people forgot to do this. You should always take a picture or video of the car that struck yours along with the tag (and any signage on the vehicle). Take a picture of your car’s damage and any visible bodily injury.

Video the location of the accident showing everyone’s vehicle and record any witness statements. Check to see if there are business or street corner cameras as well.

Properly documenting the scene of the accident can make or break your personal injury case.

#3: Find Witnesses and Keep Their Information

Believe it or not and even when it is obvious who caused the car accident, at fault driver’s are notorious at shifting blame. Therefore, getting the name and number of any witnessed is critical to help your personal injury car accident attorney fight.

#4: Obtain At Fault Driver’s Information

Typically, the police will immediately show up after an auto accidentand they will gather everyone’s personal and car information. This information is critical in order to timely and properly file a personal injury claim with the at fault driver’s insurance companybodily injurycoverage. If the police do not show up to the scene of the car accident, make sure to take a picture of the at fault driver’s license, auto insurance card and license plate.

#5: Tow Your Car Home

Try to always have your car towed to your house. Avoid having it towed to a tow yard. Once your car is in the tow yard, it’s like the car cemetery. Daily charges begin to accumulate. If you do not get your car in time, it will be auctioned off. Dealing with tow truck companies is an absolute nightmare.

If your car is drivable, take it home immediately and try not to use it again until a property damage estimate is performed. All to often insurance adjusters get bent out of shape and try to avoid paying for property damage if they know you are driving the damaged car.


All the above #5 things you can do but don’t go about the process alone. Your insurance company and the at fault driver’s insurance company are not your friends. They are going to look out for their own interest and not yours.

We are personal injury trial lawyers and will take cases before a jury of your peers. Insurance companies take us seriously and it helps us fight to obtain the maximum possible compensation for our clients.

Contact us for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your personal injury auto accident claim. It does not cost you anything to hire us. We are compensated only if we get compensation for you.

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