Letter of Protection for Personal Injury Medical Treatment

Lacking insurance coverage to pay for medical treatment? A Letter of Protection serves as a lifeline.

In a personal injury case, medical expenses can be daunting, especially for those without insurance coverage. This is where a Letter of Protection (LOP) comes into play.

An LOP is a legal contract between a medical provider and our injured client guaranteeing payment for medical services rendered from the eventual settlement or verdict of their personal injury case.

It allows our client to receive the necessary medical treatment without upfront payment, ensuring that their health remains the top priority throughout the legal process. By leveraging an LOP, our clients can access quality medical care and focus on their recovery without the stress of immediate financial burdens.

Ultimately, we will be the one making the payment to the medical provider once the settlement check is received and deposited into the trust account.

If for whatever reason there is no or insufficient compensation, the medical provider can initiate collections on the outstanding balance.

An LOP can be a valuable tool for our clients and recommended on a case by case basis.

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Written by:

Gil Sánchez, Esq.
CEO  | Civil Trial Attorney
Black Rock Trial Lawyers
Abogados Law