Mission Statement

We are officers of the Court and representatives of the Judicial Branch, pursuant to Article III of the US Constitution. Our responsibility is to defend the US Constitution and the Constitution of the states where the firm is licensed. We adhere to the Oath of Attorney and act with integrity, professionalism, and empathy in serving our team, clients, and community.

Our name “Black Rock” embodies:

  • Strength: Aggressive representation.
  • Foundation: Strong support for our client’s and team.
  • Consistency: Reliability and uniform standards across our offices.
  • Growth: Nourishing and supporting our team and client’s potential.
  • Distinctive: Team oriented firm focused on giving people access to justice unselfishly.

These are essential characteristics in pursuing our client’s justice.

In pursuit of our client’s justice:

  • We treat each case as if our clients were our own parents.
  • We seek prompt case resolution at maximum compensation.
  • We provide clear communication throughout our client’s case.
  • We continuously educate our clients about their case.
  • We create and implement effective legal solutions.


  • INTEGRITY. We recognize what is right, and we follow through on it.
  • RESPECT AND PROFESSIONALISM. We treat others the way we want them to treat us.
  • RESPONSIBILITY. We respect each other, embracing opportunities to contribute to the common good.
  • COLLEGIALITY AND COLLABORATION. We are genuine in our efforts to help each other and follow through on the commitments that we make.
  • SERVANT LEADERSHIP. We heed the common good and do what we can to look out for it.
  • INNOVATION. We think outside of the box, to do the best possible work for the firm and our clients.
  • DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION. We seek out perspectives different from our own, educating ourselves about other cultures  and backgrounds.
  • EXCELLENCE. We push ourselves every day, to become the best versions of ourselves.