You are riding an Uber, Lyft or Ride Sharing service and the driver gets into an accident. You suffer personal injuries. Now you are in physical pain from the injuries and you do not know how to pay for medical treatment. You also do not know the kind of doctor you need. You missed work and have loss wages.

These are only a few of the problems you have to deal with and are left wondering:

  • Who Can Help Me? A: We Can.
  • How Quickly Can I Receive Help? A: Immediately. Call Us Now.
  • How Can I Receive Medical Treatment? A: Immediately But Call Us To Explain.
  • What Will It Cost To Hire A Lawyer? A: No Upfront Cost.

Step #1: Take Immediate Action

  1. Contact us, 24/7, for a free Uber Lyft Ride Sharing Accident consultation guaranteed with the firm’s personal injury attorney.
  2. We guarantee that in your first consultation with the firm’s personal injury attorney we will explain the entire process of handling your Uber Lyft Ride Sharing Accident and answer all of your questions.
  3. The consultation is guaranteed to be scheduled immediately with an attorney to discuss your Uber Lyft Ride Sharing Accident (at no cost).
  4. We offer consultations over the phone, in the firm’s office, at your house, hospital or any other place that is convenient.
  5. Click here to get detailed answers on the most frequently asked questions related to a Uber Lyft Ride Sharing Accident.


  1. In Florida, the law requires Uber, Lfyt and any ride sharing service to carry $1MM in liability insurance coverage.
  2. You have 14 days from the date of accident to see a qualified medical provider, obtain an emergency medical condition diagnosis and have your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) kick-in to initially pay for your medical treatment (as required by Florida law).
  3. Even if you don’t have health insurance, you can still be treated by a qualified medical doctor through what’s called a “Letter of Protection”.
  4. Although the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit is two (2) years from the date of the accident, you can damage your claim by not immediately receiving medical treatment for your injury or having gaps in treatment.
  5. You do not pay any money upfront to retainer to us as your Uber Lyft Ride Sharing Accident personal injury attorney. You only pay if you receive compensation at the time the case is settled.
  6. You need to file a claim both with your insurance and the at-fault parties insurance immediately after the accident to preserve and benefit from your rights.
  7. Once you complete medical treatment for your injuries, we value your case and submit a comprehensive pre-suit settlement demand.
  8. If the insurance company does not make a fair and reasonable offer, than we will file a lawsuit.


  1. Payment of Past and Present Medical Provider Bills & Costs
  2. Future Medical Care Treatment
  3. Past, Present and Future Loss Wages
  4. Physical Pain & Suffering
  5. Emotional Pain & Suffering
  6. Property and Personal Damages
  7. Punitive Damages (under special circumstances)
  8. Loss of Consortium
  9. And Other Damages as Allowed By the Law