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    Plaintiff Verdict in Hillsborough County (Garcia v. H.A.R.T Personal Injury (Attorney Gil Sanchez)

    Plaintiff Verdict in Middle District of Florida (Pilipajc v. Atria) Employee Rights & Commercial Litigation (Attorney Gil Sanchez)

    $2,000,000.00 Settlement in Pre-Litigation (Traumatic Brain Injury in Auto Accident)

    $1,275,000.00 Settlement in Litigation (Wrongful Death in Auto Accident

    $950,000.00 Settlement in Litigation (Wrongful Foreclosure & Complex Litigation)

    $500,000.00 Settlement in Litigation (Lumbar Fusion in Auto Accident)

    $300,000.00 Settlement in Pre-Litigation (Multiple Skeletal Fractures in Trucking Accident)

    $125,000.00 Settlement in Litigation (Slip & Fall in Premises Liability)

    $90,000.00 Settlement in Litigation (Cervical Herniation in Auto Accident)

    $25,000.00 (v. Pepsi in Employee Rights)

    $15,000.00 (v. Wal-Mart in Employee Rights)

    $70,000.00 Settlement In Litigation (Burn Injury)

    $300,000.00 Class Action Settlement in Federal Court (Employee Rights)