#3 Must-Do’s If You Suffer a Slip & Fall

A Slip and Fall can happen virtually anywhere, instantaneously and cause serious personal injury. Putting it simply, a slip and fall happens because someone negligently maintained the floor where the accident occurred. It was a failure to timely clean up liquid, a foreign substance, an object on the floor, or a defective floor.If you are injured because of a Slip and Fall at a business, commercial property or shopping plaza, we recommend you immediately do the following three (3) things to best protect yourself when making a claim against the business premises General Liability insurance:
  1. Preservation of Evidence: If possible, do all you can to document the scene of the incident such as take pictures or video. I know this is difficult to do immediately after a slip and fall happens but documenting what caused the slip and fall can be crucial for your case.
  1. File Incident Report: As soon as possible, request from an employee where the accident occurred for an Incident/Accident Report form so you can explain what occurred. If they don’t have one, take a piece of paper and describe what happened, date it, sign it, take a picture of it and give the original to the Manager. If you can do the above, call Corporate customer service or email them what happened.
  1. Immediate Medical Treatment: It is crucial you go to the ER, urgent care or walk-in clinic to get checked out. This is important for your health and to properly document your injuries. Make sure you give details as to how the accident occurred and that they accurately document what you said.

All the above three (3) things you can do but do not go about the process alone.

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